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Our student homestay is located at 10 Borthwick Drive, inside Serangon Gardens, a private estate in northeast Singapore. It is conveniently located near to public transport, shopping malls, convenience stores, numerous schools of which many are within walking distance.

There are 2 MRT stations near our student homestay
There are 2 MRT stations near to our student homestay

1.   Conveniently located within public transport .    Our student homestay is conveniently located between 2 MRT stations. – Serangoon and Lorong Chuan MRT. There is a bus terminal at Serangoon MRT. Our foreign students can take air conditioned bus no. 317 and within 10 mins, it would take you directly to our student homestay. Otherwise, these foreign students can take a 10 min leisurely walk from Lorong Chuan MRT station to our student homestay.

a shopping all near to our student homestay
shopping mall near our student homestay

2.   Shops .     Apart from NEX ,a shopping mall above Serangoon MRT station, there are many other convenient shops all within 5 min walk from our student homestay. There are banks, 7-eleven, clinics, restaurants, fast food, clinics, pharmacies, post office, tuition centres, etc. All that you need, you can find them within walking distance from our student homestay.

Deliciour hawker food is near our student homestay.
Delicious hawker food is near our student homestay.

3.  Food Centres.        For foreign students in our homestay who like fast food and hawker foods, there is a McDonald restaurant and 2 food centres to choose from. The food centres serve a wide variety of affordable and favourite delicious food. 

24 hr supermarket near to our student homestay
24 hr supermarket near our student homestay

4.   24 hr Supermarket.       For foreign students who wish to purchase fresh food and daily necessities, there is a popular 24 hr supermarket nearby. They can purchase their favourite instant noodles, fruits, milk, snacks, drinks, etc anytime day or night. This supermarket is very popular with both the local and our students.

home tuition can be arranged inside our student homestay
tuition can be arranged in our student homestay

5.  Tuition Centres.    For any international  students who wish to score better grades, there are 8 tuition centres near our student homestay. These tuition centres provide supplementary lessons to students with one teacher teaching a small group of students, giving special attention to each foreign student. The tuition teachers are qualified and trained teachers who are experienced to teach a variety of subjects.  

71 government schools in our neighbouring estates
there are 71 government schools in our neighbouring estates

6.  Schools .      Within the immediate neighbourhood of our student homestay, there are many reputable schools,  71 government schools, 15 private schools and 3 international schools. Our foreign students need only to take a short bus journey to reach any of these schools. All our foreign students are studying in one of those schools.  read more on schools nearby.

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