For Parents

If you are a parent and looking for a student homestay in Singapore  for your child, you have found the right student homestay. By placing our child with us, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1.    Guardian service

We can represent you to attend to your child’s school matters like meet the parent’s session, etc and report back you you immediately. You, the busy parent need not make the unnecessary trips to Singapore to attend to your child’s school matters. Not only that, we constantly keep in touch with you so that you know the development of your child’s study progress.

2.     We help your child to settle into their school

With our 15 years of experience in caring for foreign students, we take care of your child as if they are our own children. We include them in our family activities and make them feel they are part of a family. If your child is studying here for the first time, we help your child to settle into their school.

3.     Guide and Supervise your child

We supervise your child’s school work and inform you, the parent on the progress of their studies. We also monitor their behavour and counsel them if needed. In all cases, we would inform you of any unusual happenings to your child, so that you feel safe having your child to stay with us.

4.     Manage your child’s finances

If required, we can manage your child’s finances. Parents can safely transfer their child’s expenses into our bank account. We would use the monies in our account to pay for their child’s school fees, pocket money, tuition fees, etc. We will submit the monthly expenses to the parent to show how the students spend their money.

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