Frequently Asked Questions

Can meals be provided ?      If requested, we can provide meals at additional  fee of $150/m per student.  For additional $150/m , we provide Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during weekends and Breakfast and Dinner during weekdays.

How far is your student homestay from public transport?    There are 2 MRT stations and a bus station near to our student homestay. If you take a feeder bus from the bus station, it will take bout 10 minutes to reach our homestay. However, if you take a leisure walk from Lor Chuan MRT station, it will take about 20 mins walk.

Do you provide transport to the MRT stations?     Yes, in the morning, we provide transport to ferry our students from our student homestay to the nearest MRT station or the nearest bus stops, so that our students can take the MRT on time to reach their schools punctually.

What facilities are near to your student homestay?     As for transport, there are 2 MRT stations and a bus station near our student homestay. There are 2 shopping malls, numerous shops, a convenient store, a 24 hr supermarket, 2 food centres all within walking distance from our student homestay. There are 7 tuition centres also within walking distance from our homestay.

Can you help to arrange private tuition for the students?  Yes, we can help to arrange one to one personal tuition in our homestay or small group tuition in one of the tuition centres near our homestay.

Do I have to pay a deposit to book a place in your student homestay? When can you return the deposit to me?        To book a place in our student homestay, you need to pay a one month deposit. This deposit will be return to you on the last day of your stay provided you give us one month’s notice of intention to leave.

Do you limit the use of the aircondition in the bedrooms?    No, we do not limit the use of the aircondition in the bedrooms. However, if you leave the room, we trust that you can switch off the aircondition and the lights.

I am a new student and not familiar with Singapore. Can you arrange for airport transport to fetch me to your student homestay?   Yes, airport transport can be arranged, if you inform us in advance and subject to certain conditions.

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